About Us


Customers are always looking to catch the best deal. At greatdealscity.com we use price comparisons, and product pros and cons, between various products to find the best price and product our subscribers are looking to buy. it has never been easier for our customer to find the best prices and products around.


Our Story:
As the last child of a family of 9 children, Cynthia quickly learned the value of making every penny count. This was a tough lesson for any child to learn but it was a lesson that has served her well over and over again. Cynthia clearly remembers the first time the lesson hit home. It was Christmas week and Cynthia was out Christmas shopping with her dad. She was only six years old, and did not understand why her father was counting the coins in his pocket to buy a chicken for Christmas dinner.
Over in the corner of the store Cynthia spotted a hula hoop. She had always wanted a hula hoop and it was only $1.00. To her it was a great deal. Cynthia asked her dad for it, but he said that he did not have enough money to buy it for her. Brokenhearted, she cried all the way home, and her dad was unusually quiet all the way home. Christmas morning came and to her great surprise, her hula hoop was under the Christmas tree. It was many years later that Cynthia found out that her dad had to put back some of the groceries that day to buy her the hula hoop. There are so many families that struggle to make ends meet that Cynthia determined to help people save money wherever they can. greatdealscity.com is designed to do just that.


Here’s what we do:
Savvy shoppers almost never purchase a product without knowing how it’s going to work for them. They read the good, the not-so-good, and the downright ugly before making the all-important decision to buy or not to buy. Reviews and product comparisons can help the shopper better understand the product. This means that customers can benefit from honest information that could help them make that decision and get the best deal.